Aerial View

The Entrance to LEAD '21 is an elevated platform with multiple entry points to accommodate over 500 people at any given point of time. This is where we request visitors to reach well in advance to register on the spot or if you have a prior online registration, do check in here for entry.

Registration area - education expo in coimbatore
Five big Halls - education expo in coimbatore

Expo Halls

Students will celebrate, interact and innovate inside a built area of 50,000 sq.ft. In addition to the exhibition areas, we will hold 4-hour workshop sessions for registered members. Different spaces have been designed to further accommodate work areas like interactive theme seminars, demo sessions, exhibitor lounge area. We also have visitor refreshment kiosks.

Car Parking - education expo in coimbatore

Car Parking

As huge as the venue of LEAD '21 is, we also have a supporting parking area which provides us with 100 slots to park cars and this will be free for visitors only during all two days of the expo. This will make it easier for visitors to travel without depending too much on other forms of transportation, which could be cumbersome.